Why does the IRS want us to lie on our taxes?

"Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have examined this return and accompanying schedules and statements, and to the best of my knowledge and belief, they are true and complete." -IRS Form 1040


It's tax season and once again gay married couples are caught between the truth and the law.

Those of us who are married should be able to indicate that status honestly when filling out our tax return. Instead, the IRS, citing the federal Defense of Marriage Act, demands that gay couples deny our spouse and mark the box as single. The IRS makes this demand despite the fact that DOMA has been found unconstitutional by numerous courts and the Department of Justice has stopped defending its key provisions.

Join us in telling the IRS to stop discriminating against married gay couples.

A movement is building across the country as more and more gay people get legally married in the U.S. or abroad. Whether on tax returns or customs forms, in the muddle of contradictory, nonsensical, and infuriating laws, married gay and lesbian couples are refusing to identify as "single." Quietly, from California to New York, from Alaska to Florida, couples are refusing to deny their spouses and are willing to enter legally murky territory to take a stand.

A website called RefuseToLie.org has become a gathering place for gay couples to share their stories and for others to speak out in solidarity. While many post that they have chosen to file as married, the site also provides tax tips for those who wish to protest but don't want to risk running afoul of the IRS.

You don't have to be married or gay to be outraged at the injustice.

Visit RefuseToLie.org and discover ways to join the effort to ensure equality under the law.


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