Poll: Majority of Floridians back same-sex recognition

A recent poll done by Public Policy Polling shows a majority of Floridians support legal recognition for same-sex couples.

Two-thirds of Floridians support some sort of legal recognition for same-sex couples. 33% support marriage equality and 34% say civil unions are their first choice. Only 31% polled said they oppose any legal recognition.

Not surprisingly, there is a huge generational divide. Half of voters under 45 think marriage equality should be legal, but 65% of seniors don't think it should be. Come on seniors! It's time for everyone to call their Grandma and convince her!

The real headline here is that according to this poll, Amendment 2 would not pass today. 53% of voters polled said they think same-sex marriage should be illegal, a huge difference from the 62% that voted to ban marriage equality in 2008. For more information on the poll, go here.

Either way, the poll shows a promising trend for LGBT rights in Florida. Already, a majority of Floridians also support LGBT adoption and non-discrimination policies that include LGBT people. As we would say on twitter #winning!


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