Cash: Who's Got It, Who Doesn't

The 2010 election is starting to get serious, and one indicator of who might prevail in the primaries and then finally the general in November, is how much cash a candidate has been able to rake in. 

Here are some of the top races and how candidates have been doing so far.
Republican Bill McCollum had the best quarter of any statewide candidate. He reported raising $1.4 million in the last few months of 2009 totaling $3.3 raised so far. 
Democrat Alex Sink has had a better year overall. She raised $1.05 in the last quarter of 2009 which brought her war-chest total to $5.1 million. 

Republican Paula Dockery, who entered the race a couple months ago, raised $192,000 this quarter and loaned her campaign $100,000. 

Attorney General
Democrat Dan Gelber brought in $205,000 in the final months of 2009. This brings his total to $669, 906.50 making him the top fundraiser for the Democrats in this race. 
His primary opponent, Dave Aronberg brought in $254,000 totaling his contributions to $655,750.10.
On the Republican side, things are a little more interesting. Holly Benson from Pensacola raised $235,000 this quarter. Pam Bondi from Hillsborough, the most recent person to enter the race, raised $199,000, all in December. Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp brought in $182,000 in the same period. 
Chief Financial Officer
Republican Jeff Atwater from Palm Beach reported $523,000 and reported having $1.5 million on hand. Pat Patterson, the other Republican in the race, reported raising $6,320 that period giving him a total of $64,000. 
Democrat Loranne Ausley got into the race today
Agriculture Commissioner
Republican Adam Putnam from Bartow raised $182,000 in the final quarter which put him over the million dollar mark for fundraising in 2009. His primary opponent, Carey Baker, brought in $37,000 making his total $495,471.18. 
On the Democratic side Scott Maddox raised $24,000 putting him at approximately $195,000. His opponent Rick Minton of Fort Pierce brought in $1,500 bringing him to approximately $18,000. 


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