Election Day: Protect Your Health And Democracy


Today is Election Day for Florida’s Presidential Primary and this is your guide to protecting your health and democracy.

Polls will be open from 7:00AM to 7:00PM for you to cast your ballot. Your voice in this election is critical.

To ensure voting remains safe, local election supervisors have taken extra precautions to sanitize polls. They’ve stocked up on hand sanitizer and hand-washing supplies. And while Florida uses paper ballots, workers are aggressively sanitizing the voting booths and other equipment at voting centers.

Florida is a hugely important state for any presidential candidate. Please, take any additional precautions necessary, and get out and vote.

If you are an absentee voter and did not mail in your ballot, bring your mail-in ballot with you to your polling place no later than 7:00PM on Election Day if you have it. It is too late to submit a mail ballot through the postal service.

For voters who believe they’re ill or cannot vote in-person at this time, you’re encouraged to send immediate family members to pick up a mail ballot from the supervisor’s office on their behalf, or to print and fill out an affidavit available online that authorizes someone else to pick up the ballot.

But if you wait until Election Day to request a mail ballot, you’ll need to provide the elections office with a signed affidavit. Mail ballots can be dropped off in person by anyone (as long as it is done without compensation) and the ballot will be counted as long as it is deposited in a drop box at the same office by the close of polls on election night.

We have a huge election on the horizon. And we must remain focused on advancing equality for ALL Floridians.

Make a plan to safely and securely cast your vote in today’s election.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 813-870-3735 or email [email protected].








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