6,000 Floridians To McCollum: We Want Our Money Back

Many of you know Florida's Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum paid the notorious homophobe George Rekers $120,000 of your tax dollars to testify in favor of Florida's disgraceful ban on gay adoption. Then Rekers got caught traveling with a male prostitute from Rentboy.com.

During this pride season Equality Florida has traveled around the state with one simple message: Floridians deserve their money back. If there was a pride celebration in your area this summer then you probably got a call from us. We asked our members to join us in sending the message by picking up a clipboard and pen and joining our petition team.

Here's what we've accomplished with your help so far:

-Over 200 volunteers have answered our call.

-More than 250 of our members and their allies have marched in parades across the state with us to show their support.

-We raised more than $2,000 dollars in new memberships.

And here's the biggest number yet:

We've collected over 6,000 petitions to send to Bill McCollum.

6,000 clear messages to Bill McCollum that using tax-payer dollars to uphold an archaic ban on gay adoption doesn't do anything to better the lives of Florida's children and it's wrong.

Thanks to everyone who took a stand!

Michael Farmer
Pride Coordinator


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