LGBTQ Protections


In January 2021, the Florida agency that enforces state civil rights law affirmed that discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations based on sexual orientation and gender identity is illegal in the state of Florida. 

Any Floridian that experiences discrimination based on employment, housing and public accommodations can file a complaint directly with the Florida Commission on Human relations (FCHR) under the state’s civil rights protections. Click here to see that notice issued by FCHR, which follows the landmark nondiscrimination U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County and the Biden Administration’s “Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation”.

Equality Florida hosted a virtual town hall, Equality Wins: Understanding Your Statewide Victory, with experts to discuss how we secured statewide LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections and explain what resources are available to LGBTQ Floridians.

Additionally, Equality Florida has been successfully working with our local partners all over the state to ensure our community is protected from discrimination at the local level. We have passed more local nondiscrimination laws than any other state in the country. In fact, those protections now cover 60% of Floridians in the third-largest state in the country. Having these protections is quickly becoming the standard for cities and counties across Florida.

If you believe you have experienced discrimination in employment, housing or public accommodations, please report that discrimination to the FCHR through the link below. Also, if you live in one of the cities or counties listed below with a local Human Rights Ordinance, please contact that county as well to see if you have additional protections from that agency.

If you experience any difficulties reporting discrimination in employment, housing or public accommodations with the FCHR, please COMPLETE THIS FORM and we will connect you with one of our legal partners for guidance.

Local Human Rights Ordinances:

Alachua County (SO/GIE)
City of Atlantic Beach (SO/GIE)
City of Boynton Beach (SO/GIE)
Broward County (SO/GIE)
City of Delray Beach (SO/GIE)
City of Dunedin (SO/GIE)
Duval County (SO/GIE)
City of Fernandina Beach (SO/GIE)
City of Fort Lauderdale (SO/GIE)
City of Gainesville (SO/GIE)
City of Greenacres (SO/GIE)
City of Gulfport (SO/GIE)
Town of Haverhill (SO/GIE)
Hillsborough County (SO/GIE)
City of Jacksonville (SO/GIE)
City of Key West (SO/GIE)
City of Lake Clarke Shores (SO/GIE)
City Of Lake Worth (SO/GIE)
City of Largo (SO/GIE)
City of Leesburg (SO/GIE)
Leon County (SO/GIE)
City of Mascotte (SO/GIE)
City of Miami (SO/GIE)
City of Miami Beach (SO/GIE)
Miami Dade County (SO/GIE)
Monroe County (SO/GIE)
City of Mount Dora (SO/GIE)
City of North Port (SO/GIE)
City of Oakland Park (SO/GIE)
Orange County (SO, GIE)
City of Orlando (SO/GIE)
Osceola County (SO/GIE)
Palm Beach County (SO/GIE)
City of Pembroke Pines (SO/GIE)
Pinellas County (SO/GIE)
City of Sarasota (SO/GIE)
City of St. Augustine (SO/GIE)
City of St. Augustine Beach (SO/GIE)
City of St. Petersburg (SO/GIE)
City of Tampa (SO/GIE)
City of Tallahassee (SO/GIE)
Village of Tequesta (SO/GIE)
Volusia County (SO/GIE)
City of Venice (SO/GIE)
City of Wellington (SO/GIE)
City of West Palm Beach (SO/GIE)
City of Wilton Manors (SO/GIE)