"You know, the funny thing is, I feel married already. Karla and I have been together forever. We own a home together. We plan for retirement together. We have a son together. Everything is together, together, together. But in the eyes of the law, we are still strangers." - Cathy, plaintiff in the lawsuit seeking the freedom to marry in Florida.

Cathy and Karla met in 1999 when Karla interviewed for a position with the company where Cathy worked. Cathy was on the committee to interview and hire for the position. Months later, they were put on a joint project and quickly struck up a friendship. Over time, that friendship grew into a committed relationship. They currently live in Florida with their son, Enzo, and their two dogs. Cathy is a Certified Financial Planner and Karla is a stay at home mom.

Cathy and Karla want to get married in Florida so they are able to share their love and commitment with their friends and family in the community where they are raising their son. They want to make sure that they are able to be recognized as a family so they can make a secure, stable home for themselves and their family.

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