AP: U.S. Supreme Court Blocks YouTube Broadcast of "Prop. 8" Trial

Prop 8 Update: The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked, at least temporarily, the YouTube broadcast of the "Prop. 8" trial that is scheduled to begin later today in California. A final decision is due Wednesday.

Court blocks taping of gay marriage trial
By MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court is blocking a broadcast of the trial on California's same-sex marriage ban, at least for the first few days.

The federal trial is scheduled to begin later Monday in San Francisco. It will consider whether the Proposition 8 gay marriage ban approved by California voters in November 2008 is legal.

The high court on Monday said it will not allow video of the trial to be posted on YouTube.com, even with a delay, until the justices have more time to consider the issue. It said that Monday's order will be in place at least until Wednesday.

Opponents of the broadcast say they fear witness testimony might be affected if cameras are present.

Justice Stephen Breyer said he would have allowed cameras while the court considers the matter.

Acting less than two hours before the trial's scheduled start, the justices said they also would not permit real-time streaming that would have allowed the trial to be seen in other federal courthouses.

The Supreme Court's consideration of the airing of the gay marriage trial is set against the backdrop of the court's own strong resistance to cameras.

Some justices might believe that their opposition to cameras inside the Supreme Court could be undermined if they were to allow YouTube posts of the California trial.

The federal judiciary, led by Chief Justice John Roberts, has long opposed cameras in the courtroom as harmful to a fair proceeding.

Several justices, including most recently Sonia Sotomayor, have said they are open to allowing cameras, but others have been adamantly opposed.


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