Dunedin prohibits transgender discrimination - St. Petersburg Times

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Dunedin City commissioners unanimously approved adding "sexual orientation and gender identification or expression" in the local anti-discrimination ordinance that prohibits discrimination in access to city hotels, motels, restaurants, entertainment venues and other establishments open to the public. Dunedin is the 9th city in the state and the 2nd one in Pinellas County to include such protections.

The city of Gulfport is the only other Pinellas County government that includes "gender identification or expression" as part of its anti-discrimination ordinance. Transgender people include those who cross dress or who are transsexuals, have changed or would like to change their physical sex.

Under questioning by Commissioner Julie Ward Bujalski, Hubbard reversed an earlier opinion that transgendered people are well-protected by other governments in regard to housing and employment. Pinellas County's ordinance does not protect the transgendered, the group most likely to suffer hate crimes and discrimination in housing and employment according to the advocacy group Equality Florida.

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