Equality Florida Responds To Trump’s Latest Attack on Transgender People


Equality Florida Responds To Trump’s Latest Attack on Transgender People

Trump’s latest anti-trans policy comes after a rash of murders targeting Florida’s transgender community

Orlando, FL — Yesterday, the New York Times published a disturbing article reporting on the Trump Administration’s latest plans to strip away important protections and rights for transgender people. A new proposal by the administration would narrowly define a person's gender as their sex assigned at birth.

Equality Florida Director of Transgender Equality Gina Duncan issued the following statement in response:

“The proposed policy is another attempt by the Trump Administration to rollback important protections and rights for the transgender community.

“In Florida, and across the nation, we’ve seen firsthand how these types of dehumanizing policies can lead to an increase in discrimination and violence against the transgender community. Transgender people, especially transgender women of color, already experience violence at a disproportionate rate. Since February, five black transgender women have been brutally murdered in Florida, representing nearly a quarter of all reported anti-transgender murders in the entire nation so far this year. This spike in violence against the transgender community should spur our leaders at all levels of government to take action to affirm trans people, not create divisive policies that lead to more hate and anti-transgender bias.

“Equality Florida stands with the many civil and human rights organizations and advocates fighting against this discriminatory policy by the Trump Administration. We support and urge people to use the hashtag #WontBeErased to stand in solidarity with the transgender and gender non-conforming community.

“To our transgender family, we see you and we will continue fighting for your right to live as your authentic selves. We also encourage anyone who has experienced discrimination to report the incident to Equality Florida right away.”

Additional Resources:

National Center for Transgender Equality's full statement, which includes highlights of what the Trump Administration policy does not do to help preempt some misinformation.

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