Florida Gains Two Congressional Seats

Hey all you data geeks- the numbers from the US Census came out today!

There is a lot of data coming from the report- Florida's population is around 18.8 million keeping us the fourth largest state in the nation. The state will get an estimated $400 billion in federal spending over the next decade due to population size.
However, the big news coming from the census is Florida will gain two US House seats and two electoral votes in presidential elections.
Florida will go from 25 seats in Congress to 27 beginning in the 2012 elections. The additional two electoral votes will make Florida even more important in a Presidential election. In 2012 our fair state will have 29 electoral votes in the presidential election. (Maybe that's why the RPOF is trying so hard to get debates scheduled in Florida...)
When the legislature convenes in early 2011, the Republican super-majority in Tallahassee will be redrawing the state and congressional legislative districts and will draw in the two new districts.
Other states got new Congressional seats as well: Texas got four; Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah and Washington all got one.


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