Social Security Administration Now Recognizes Marriage Licenses of Same-Sex Couples in Florida

As of yesterday, the Social Security Administration updated their website to state they will now recognize marriage licenses of same-sex couples in Florida, meaning marriage licenses issued or recognized as of January 5, 2015 can now be used to obtain a legal name change on a social security card. Visit there website here:

Since marriages began in Florida, we’ve continued to act as communications headquarters for marriage-related questions. And over the past week, we’ve been flooded with questions from members who were frustrated and disappointed at the delay in changing their social security cards after getting married. We’re thrilled that loving and legally married same-sex couples in Florida can now make the changes necessary to reflect such a monumental moment in their lives!

This recently issued federal directive from the SSA makes it absolutely clear for any local social security office: Same-sex couples can use their Florida marriage licences or out-of-state licenses to change the name on their social security cards.

In order to receive an updated social security card, you must bring your certified marriage license and a photo ID to your local Social Security office. Once you have your new social security card, you can take it to the DMV to change the name on your driver’s license.

Check out our frequently updated “Things to Consider After You Marry” page for answers to post-marriage questions by clicking here.










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