Can you help us win in 2010?

Equality Florida's endorsed candidates were hugely successful in the primaries because of the time you put in making calls, entering data and knocking on doors with us.

We need your help to get them across the finish line.

Here's just a few of the reasons we need you on our general election team:

-We can elect Florida's first pro-equality Governor.

-We can elect a long time outspoken supporter of LGBT equality to the Attorney General's office.

-For the first time in generation, every state cabinet position is open.

-Amendments 5 & 6 can end the practice of gerrymandering that allows anti-LGBT politicians to pick their voters and ensure their own reelection.

2010 can lead to a real shift in the balance of power in Florida with your help. But we can't do it without you.

Take a stand with us, sign up to make a difference in 2010 here:

We're so grateful for your work and dedication!


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