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Florida Governor: Crist (R) Lead Narrows

Crist (R) 47%, Davis (D) 42%

August 1, 2006

Republican Attorney General Charlie Crist
In the sunshine state's competitive gubernatorial contest, Republican
Attorney General Charlie Crist is still polling better against two Democrats than is Republican State Chief Financial Officer Tom
Gallagher. But the latest Rasmussen Reports election poll shows Democratic Congressman Jim Davis gaining ground.

Our June 22 survey indicated that Crist, the best known of the candidates, had carved out a double-digit advantage over both
Congressman Davis and State Senator Democrat Rod Smith. At that time, Gallagher led Davis by four points, Smith by eight.

In the new poll, Crist leads Davis among likely voters by only five points, 47% to 42%, while leading Smith 48% to 35%. Thus Crist's lead over Smith has widened slightly even as he loses ground to Davis.

Meanwhile, Democrat Davis now edges out Gallagher, leading him 44% to
41%. Gallagher has also lost a few percentage points against Smith,
but still leads him by five.

Crist and Davis are both currently favored to win their parties'
nominations, to be decided September 5.

In our last four Florida election polls, Crist has led Davis by varying amounts. Twice, the Republican has had a five point advantage and twice he has had a a double digit advantage. Those same polls have shown the Senate race to be no contest.

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