NY to FL: "Keep Fighting"

Do you remember where you were when Marriage Equality was announced in New York? I'll bet you do, and I'll bet you'll remember it 10 years from now, because it is one of those rare moments in our shared fight for full equality when we could all feel a shift, a tipping point being reached, a breakthrough.

I was in New York City last week, joining activists and donors from across the country at a dinner for President Obama, and I had the remarkable good fortune of being in Times Square with our children when the victory was announced. We will never, ever forget it.

Two days later we marched with our sister organization, Empire State Pride Agenda, in NY's Pride parade. My favorite moment is when my son, 14, asked if he could buy a rainbow flag to wave to the crowd. The world is changing.

Here in Florida we are also making tremendous progress. After 33 years the ban on gay and lesbian adoption is no more. Nearly seven million Floridians live in a community where we have won Domestic Partner benefits, and 60% of our students are protected from anti-lgbt bullying. Ten million of us are protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation and six million have gender identity protections as well.

But we are far from done, and we need you to keep fighting with us until we can celebrate full equality here in Florida.

With just one day to go, we are so close to our 2011 Equal-a-thon goal. Will you join me in making a special Equal-a-thon gift today?

We'll keep winning, with you on our team.


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