Time to Be One or Back One

Time To Be One or Back One
Sponsor a Pride Team!

It's Pride Season and that means one thing. A huge opportunity to get more people engaged in the fight for Full Equality.

Take a moment now to volunteer or help underwrite a volunteer team.

Water, food, clipboards, flyers and t-shirts- it costs $23.18 to keep a volunteer fully stocked for a day at Pride.

Pride celebrations are our best opportunity to connect with and inform thousands of supporters in a day.

We have set a goal of recruting and training more than 250 grassroots volunteers to cover pride this summer from Pensacola to Key West.

We'll be supplying our volunteers with everything they need to be successful, including an Equality Florida t-shirt, stickers, water, literature, etc.

Your contribution of $23.18 will cover the cost of one pride volunteer kit.

Equality Florida volunteers are a fearless crew. They will go anywhere, talk to anyone to enlist people in the campaign for full equality under the law - BUT IT'S SUMMERTIME AND THEY NEED WATER.

Let our volunteers know you appreciate their efforts by providing one, two or even three volunteers with pride kits. Click here: https://secure.ga4.org/01/pride09


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