Thrilling Election in Jacksonville - The Pendulum is Swinging

The results of yesterday's runoff elections in Jacksonville could signal a new day in Florida politics. Because Jacksonville is the largest city in North Florida, conservative candidates running for statewide or federal office usually count on Jacksonville for lopsided support.

Earlier this week we sent an email that took aim at two extremists running in yesterday's election - Mike Hogan (R) for mayor and Kimberly Daniels (D) for at large commission.

Almost no-one gave Hogan's opponent, Democrat Alvin Brown, much of a chance. Democrats rarely win county-wide in Jacksonville. As of this morning Brown leads by 603 votes out of over 190,000 cast! A Brown victory would be HUGE.

Even closer is Daniels' race. Daniels has said crazy things like she won't eat candy around Halloween because it's been infected by demons, and she has participated in gay exorcisms at her church. She leads by 158 votes.

Dan Merkan, a leading LGBT politico from Jacksonville, had this analysis of what's next. Stay tuned...

We have seen reports that about 1000 absentee ballots have yet to be counted. Hogan out paced Brown in other absentee ballots by about a 2:1 ratio.

Taylor out paced Daniels in other absentee ballots 64.6% to 35.3%

This means that if those ballots are counted and are at the same ratios as above then Brown keeps his lead but Daniels loses hers.

Then they will count (600) provisional ballots...I am guessing that those will favor Brown and Daniels, but have nothing to base that on other than a hunch.

Kimberly Daniels Mike Hogan
Kimberly Daniels Mike Hogan
"We welcome homosexuals…to the war room. …We welcome your comments and concerns but please know that if they do not line up...we will tear them down!"
- from
"It may cross my mind." – Mike Hogan's answer when asked about bombing abortion clinics.
- Florida Times Union,

In tomorrow's Jacksonville run-off election there are two extremists who will appear on your ballot. Mike Hogan wants to represent you as Mayor. Kimberly Daniels wants to represent you on the City Commission in At-Large Seat 1.

Both Kimberly and Mike's extremist anti-LGBT rhetoric prove that they are too extreme to serve Jacksonville.

Kimberly has said publicly that she's been a part of rituals designed to exorcise the gay out of members of her congregation and she's accused President Obama of having a "soul tie" with the "Illuminati." *

Mike Hogan has been endorsed by the Christian Family Coalition, opposes adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the Human Rights Ordinance, and wants to abolish the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission altogether.


Who Supports Equality
The following candidates have indicated to Equality Florida Action PAC or to Out Jacksonville that they support adding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to the Jacksonville Human Rights Ordinance:
Jacksonville Mayor
Alvin Brown Alvin Brown
City Council | District 14
Jill Dame Jill Dame
Jim Love Jim Love

Paid political advertisement, paid for by Equality Florida Action PAC, P.O. Box 13184 Saint Petersburg, Fl 33733.
Approved by no candidate.

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