Sink steadily rising in polls

Rasmussen Reports recently did a poll that shows the Florida governor's race getting more competitive.

The survey, done via phone, shows Bill McCollum (R) ahead of Alex Sink (D)  44% to 39% in the hotly contested race for governor.
Sink's poll numbers have risen in the last few months. In October the poll showed McCollum in a 46% to 35% lead. 
Polling by Rasmussen also showed interesting findings in the US Senate Race. Governor Crist is in a tie, 43-43, with Marco Rubio in the Republican Primary. 
"Crist's support has fallednf rom 53% in August to 49% in October. Rasmussen Reports noted at the time. 'The fact that Crist has fallen below 50% in a primary against a lesser known opponent suggests potential vulnerability.'
Needless to say Rubio is ecstatic. Crist responded by saying that he didn't know if the poll was accurate but, "I know only one poll matters- that's Election Day."


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