Ryan Skipper Foundation on Hate Crimes Bill

The Ryan Keith Skipper Foundation
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October 27, 2009                                                            
Media Contact:  Vicki Nantz
Phone:  321-277-0908
Family of Murder Victim Ryan Skipper Comments on Tomorrow's Signing of Matthew Shepard Act:
We are happy that the Matthew Shepard Act, adding sexual orientation to the existing federal hate crimes law, will finally be signed into law at the White House on Wednesday, October 28, by President Obama.  We would be attending the signing ceremony at the White House pursuant to the invitation extended to us by U.S. Representive Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, except that we are currently attending the murder trial of the man accused of murdering our son, which is the reason that the Matthew Shepard Act is so important.  Had this legislation passed at an earlier date, the man who killed our son, Ryan Skipper, would have faced an additional federal charge, with an additional punishment, and there would have been federal resources available that would have enabled a thorough investigation of the anti-gay bias surrounding this horrible crime.  Tragically, none of that currently applies today at the murder trial for the man accused of killing our son.
Thank you,
Ryan's Family
Lynn and Patricia Mulder and Damien Skipper
The Ryan Keith Skipper Fund & Foundation is a part of the 501c3 Community Foundation of
Greater Lakeland, at 4720 Cleveland Heights Blvd. in Lakeland, Florida, 33813.


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