Equality Florida Condemns Blatant Transphobia from ​​​​​​​House Candidate Cris Dosev


TALLAHASSEE - Florida House District 2 candidate Cris Dosev recently released a false and transphobic ad attacking the incumbent office holder, State Representative Alex Andrade. The ad makes demonstrably false claims rooted in transphobia and levels other vague, unverified allegations about Andrade “bully[ing] mothers and grandmothers.” Equality Florida unequivocally condemns the rampant bigotry by Dosev.

“This outrageous transphobia is a desperate move, even for Dosev,” said Jon Harris Maurer, Equality Florida Public Policy Director. “Dosev is trying to score cheap political points off the backs of minorities because he’s being dogged by ethics complaints and allegations of violating federal trademark law for erroneously implying endorsement from groups that don’t support him. Dosev is trying to scare voters into supporting him with tactics that are refuted by decades of data. He’s not just out of touch with Floridians, he’s far out of touch with his own voter base.”

Dosev’s campaign ad appears to try to erroneously address the bipartisan Florida Competitive Workforce Act (FCWA), which would codify explicit LGBT nondiscrimination protections statewide. Polling by Ryan Tyson, pollster for Governor Ron DeSantis, found that 59% of likely Republican primary voters statewide support the legislation, with 52% support among those who self-identified as “very conservative” and 65% support among Hispanics.

In the 2020, Republican Representative Jackie Toledo (R - Tampa) sponsored the FCWA, with leading support from Florida’s first lesbian lawmaker Rep. Jennifer Webb (D - St. Petersburg) and Rep. Holly Raschein (R - Key West). It was the most co-sponsored bill of the 2020 legislative session. More than 475 businesses, including major Florida employers like Disney, Darden, CSX, Carnival Cruise Lines, the Miami Heat and the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, are calling for statewide LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections. Dosev’s libelous and misleading comments reinforce the urgent need to enact protections and condemn bigotry in all forms.




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