Equality Florida proudly supports Transgender Day of Remembrance and Visibility Events Across Florida

Equality Florida Proudly Supports Transgender Day Of Remembrance And Visibility Events Across Florida

Friday, November 17, 2017 - The Transgender Day of Remembrance was founded in 1998 by transgender activist Gwendolyn Ann Smith to memorialize Rita Hester, a transgender murder victim in Allston, Massachusetts. Transgender Day of Remembrance commemorations are now being held across Florida, and in more than 200 cities and 25 countries around the world.

TDOR events across Florida show us that there is much work to be done in protecting and supporting our transgender family, friends and neighbors,” said Kaitlin Legg, M.Ed. Director of the LGBT Resource Center at the University of North Florida. The events also highlight the resilience and power that our community holds. Transgender people enrich our communities, places of worship, our work, and our lives. We can continue to honor our living community and those who have passed by strengthening and recommitting to the struggle for a nation that is free from discrimination, hatred and violence.

At TransAction Florida, we believe that despite the challenges that face our community, we must be visible voices for transgender equality. Visibility fosters awareness that inspires education and results in equality.

To foster transgender inclusion and to stem the tide of violence against transgender Floridians, TransAction Florida has accomplished the following:

  • Grown our TransActions Advisory Council to 29 Advocates from across Florida
  • Published a comprehensive Statewide Transgender Resource Guide
  • Published a “Know Your Rights” Trans Voters Guide
  • Held Transgender Personal ID Change Town Halls across the state
  • Conducted over 100 Transgender Dynamics in the Workplace Workshops
  • Engaged over 10,000 people in Transgender Cultural Competency Learning Sessions
  • Supported the passage of over 40 comprehensive Human Rights Ordinances that now protect almost 60% of Floridians from being discriminated against due to gender identity and expression

Since marriage equality has come to our country, we have seen the crosshairs of discrimination aimed squarely on the transgender and gender nonconforming community. Alarming rates of transgender bullying, harassment, violence and murder are occurring across America,” said Gina Duncan, Equality Florida’s Director of Transgender Equality. 

In 2015 a transgender person was reported murdered every three days somewhere in the world. Already this year, in the United States, 25 transgender people, mostly transwomen of color, have been reported murdered. 

In the dark shadow of the Pulse massacre, the Transgender Day of Remembrance and Visibility is a time to pause, reflect and together, renounce violence against our community. Let us remember those who have experienced harm for simply trying to live an authentic life, but, let us also stand together, committed to the power of visibility, and education that is leading to increased awareness and inclusion of the transgender community. Transgender Floridians are parents, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, siblings, neighbors and community leaders. With that in mind, Equality Florida invites you to support the Transgender Day of Remembrance and VISIBILITY events on November 20th as we acknowledge November as Transgender Awareness Month,” added Duncan. 
The following link takes you to the many TDOR events around the state of 
Florida: www.equalityflorida.org/tdorv





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