Kottkamp: More of the Same

On Tuesday afternoon, Jeff Kottkamp, currently Lt. Governor and candidate for attorney general, said he supports Florida's ban on gay and lesbian adoption.

The full interview, done with the Broward Sun Sentinel, can be seen here.
Kottkamp argues he doesn't necessarily have a legal rationale for the ban, saying "not everything has a legal standpoint", he just "feels that way". Great, someone running for the top legal job in Florida doesn't think he needs to have a legal reason for supporting Florida's adoption ban. Huzzah. 
When asked about the public interest for upholding the ban, Kottkamp says "there is so much data that the best possible upbringing for a child is in a home with a mom and a dad" and that it's "not even debatable". He can't point to any specific data. 
Oddly, later in the tape he argues that "you can't do all this in generalities", and that "every case is different, every child is different, every circumstance is different." So, Kottkamp believes you can't decide adoptions based on generalities, but you can have a blanket ban on gay and lesbian adoption. 
Jeff Kottkamp is more of the same. Florida cannot afford another Attorney General who will go to any length to defend Florida's ban. For information on Equality Florida's endorsed candidate for Attorney General, Dan Gelber, go here


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