It's a pray-off!

At a recent candidate forum at Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, a couple of candidates made the Bay Buzz blog for their efforts to out pray each other. Check out this bit of hilariousness that could only come from the sunshine state!

From the Bay Buzz Blog:

"Without question, the most interesting moments of the marathon meet and greet and candidate forum at Bell Shoals Baptist Church on Wednesday night came courtesy of Joe Redner and state Sen. Ronda Storms. During his two minutes on the pulpit, Redner, who is running for the District 58 state House seat, didn't bother pandering to his ultraconservative audience. Instead, he invited the crowd to bow their heads in a prayer of thanks for the California judge who overturned a rule making gay marriage illegal. The audience booed and yelled no to the invitation. And when Redner said, "I'm honest. I'm competent," he drew jeers. Then he referred to his famed Mons Venus strip club, throwing his arms out wide and saying "You might not like one of the businesses I'm in but it's the best." He then left the sanctuary.

A few speakers later, Storms received a much better reception when she led a solemn prayer for Redner, asking the Lord to lead him in a better direction. "We know that you are still working with Joe Redner," she said, eyes closed. "We pray for forgiveness if we have not treated him with kindness."

Read the full blog post from the Bay Buzz here.

Photo from The Librarian Blog.


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