Equality Florida Launches Undo 2 Campaign

(St. Petersburg) Today, Equality Florida launched the Undo 2 Campaign, an effort to ensure that all of Florida’s families receive the protections they deserve. In the wake of last week’s election and the devastating passage of Amendment 2, the newly launched campaign will work to guarantee that gay couples and unmarried partners are not treated as second-class citizens in Florida.

A grassroots driven, national day of peaceful protest has been spawned in the past few days with rallies planned for November 15th at City Halls and other locations across the nation. Visit www.Undo2.org for a list of rallies in Florida.

“As this day of action approaches, let us not forget that anger alone is not enough,” said Nadine Smith, executive director for Equality Florida. “If there is going to be true change in Florida, then our passion for justice must translate into a commitment to get engaged and the resolve to stay involved in the work ahead.”

The Undo 2 Campaign will work to focus grassroots energy toward the following goals:

1) Defend existing Domestic Partnership protections.
2) Fight for expanded protections for unmarried couples at the state and local level.
3) Reach out to the three million voters who opposed Amendment 2 for new energy in the fight.
4) Reach out to those who supported Amendment 2 but can be reached through education.
5) Continue the ongoing work to end discrimination by passing a statewide non-discrimination law that includes LGBT people.

Equality Florida is Florida’s only statewide human rights organization dedicated to the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Through education and advocacy, the organization is committed to building a state of equal rights for all Floridians, inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities.



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