Demand an Apology from Bill McCollum- No More Bigots for Hire!

BREAKING NEWS: Attorney General Bill McCollum's "Expert" Adoption Ban Witness Caught with Prostitute
Florida Top Lawyer Paid $87,000 to Long-Discredited Witnesses in Adoption Case

Demand an Apology from Attorney General McCollum

George Rekers, the "expert" witness picked by Attorney General Bill McCollum to defend Florida's anti-gay adoption ban has been caught with a male prostitute at the Miami airport, according to the Miami New Times.

Rekers and a cohort were hired as "expert" witnesses and paid an astonishing $87,000 to defend Florida's anti-gay adoption ban on McCollum's behalf.

The lion share, $60,000, went to Rekers. He and his colleague, Walter Schumm, were the ONLY two witnesses McCollum called in his effort to reverse a Miami judge who ruled that Florida's adoption ban to be unconstitutional.

Why would Bill McCollum force the cash-strapped state to shell out $87,000 - that's 2.5 years worth of salary to the average American - for discredited witness testimony?

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Rekers' testimony in a prior case was found completely worthless by the Arkansas Supreme Court! According to the Arkansas Leader:

"The Arkansas judge, Timothy Fox, said Rekers' testimony was worthless as evidence because it was only his personal view. The Arkansas Supreme Court concluded later that Rekers' testimony was pointless and it declared Huckabee's anti-gay rule unconstitutional. Rekers testifies as a scientific expert for states that adopt anti-gay laws. The states lose, but Rekers always takes in big fees."

Bill McCollum's star witness provided only unscientific, bigoted testimony. During the Florida adoption case, Rekers stated that Native Americans should also not be adoptive parents because of rampant alcoholism. Rekers also concluded that a child living with his same sex parents for even a period of over ten years should be removed and that the child will adjust in only a year of being with a opposite sex family. The courtroom was stunned at the depth of Rekers' bigotry.

This latest controversy makes it clear that Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum must publicly apologize for wasting tax-payers' money on the outrageously biased and unscientific testimony. No court should ever again consider George Rekers an "expert" on anything, especially the lives gay people.

Rekers, a national "ex-gay" leader, was a fraud long before he was caught in Miami. It is disgraceful that the attorney general used taxpayer dollars to compensate this discredited bigot-for-hire. It shows just how low they have to scrape to find anyone even willing to defend Florida's harmful ban that denies children permanent loving homes.


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