DCF Chief: No plans to relaunch adoption ban

Our good friend, Scott Maxwell, over at the Orlando Sentinel recently talked to new Department of Children and Families chief, David Wilkins, about his decision to cut 500 jobs from the Department. Maxwell also took the opportunity to ask Wilkins if he had plans to try and resurrect Florida's ban on LGBT adoption.

From Maxwell's article:

"Critics worried that Wilkins might be more focused on ideological issues than the children he was supposed to protect — especially since Scott had previously told conservative Christians during the campaign that he supported Florida's now-defunct ban on gay adoption. Courts ruled the ban unconstitutional.

But Levine said he's convinced that Wilkins knows that he's now working for all Floridians — and that it would be a waste of time to rehash this settled debate.

So I just asked Wilkins point-blank: Do you have any plans to re-launch the fight against gay adoption?

He answered without hesitation. 'No,' he said. 'That issue is not on my radar. It's not on the governor's either. We need good parents. And there are a lot of gay parents doing a good job.'"

Read the rest of the article at the Orlando Sentinel.


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