Bud Chiles to Run for Governor- as Independent

Speculation has been swirling for the last few weeks about Bud Chiles, the son of the late Lawton Chiles, jumping into the governor's race. It was thought if he did, he would jump into the Democratic race against Alex Sink.

Today, he announced he will be running for governor as an independent and will reject corporate money. He has also said he will limit individual contributions to $250.
"The political parties are not the solution. They are part of a system that pits big money against big money," he told reporters. "I won't play that game."
"There's a movement going on in this state. There are people that are passionate about the environment, there are people that are passionate about improving schools and healthcare...This campaign will be all about whether people decide to engage. I'm going to give them a level playing field," he also said today. 


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