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I could tell you about my first time to Tallahassee as a lobbist, the eye-opening experience, the stimulation of being in the vortex of Florida government. But, that has already been well discribed in other volunteer's writings.

Instead? As we were debriefing, some discussion centered around volunteerism and getting the middle ground motivated. As I listened and participated, I wondered if during the Civil Rights movement there were problems of getting the masses motivated. I also wondered as stories were shared of how hostile and rude some of our representatives have been, if decorum is always the answer. This lead to thoughts of civil rights leaders. In particular, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Was one of these strong leaders more of a tipping point than the other, or were both ends of the spectrum needed to find the middle?

These thoughts have lead me to ask, would any one out there who was in the battle field during the Civil Rights movement be willing to give their input on these questions and maybe give us some idea of how to motivate the middle ground?



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