Bill McCollum Demanded Hiring of Discredited Rekers

Despite objections of his lead attorney and his client, McCollum Demanded Hiring of Discredited Rekers

The Sarasota Herald Tribune reports that McCollum's lead attorney on the adoption case did NOT want Rekers to testify. Neither did McCollum's client - the Dept. of Children and Family Services. So why did Florida pay $120,000 for worthless testimony by a long discredited "expert" anti-gay witness who was later caught with a male escort? As McColllum tells the Herald Tribune reporter - "There was a decision made ultimately by me."

Bill McCollum thinks he can evade this issue long enough for the public and the media to forget his outrageous funding of homophobia and hypocrisy at our expense. Today's Herald Tribune report shows that this story is not going away and Equality Florida continues to keep up the pressure.

Read the Herald Tribune story here.


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