Beyond Grief: You Can Help One Gay Teenager in Florida, Right Now

Your Gift Today of Just $20
Will Let Us Reach One More Student Tomorrow.

Grief and anger alone will not end the epidemic of anti-gay bullying - but we are not helpless. At Equality Florida we work every day to protect and support LGBT youth. Unfortunately, we simply don't have the resources to reach them all - we need your help.

We've all followed in horror as media reports of recent teen suicides continue to come one after the next. And tragically there are many, many more because the majority of bullying-related suicides go unreported. But there is something we can do.

Did you know Equality Florida coordinates a statewide network of 110 GSA's (Gay Straight Alliances) in high schools and middle schools across Florida? These GSA's are literally a lifeline for LGBT teenagers and for some may be the only place in the entire world where they feel truly safe.

We've won recognition as the fastest growing GSA network in the country - but we still aren't growing fast enough. Tomorrow morning thousands of LGBT teenagers right here in Florida will wake up afraid to go to school. Help us reach them - a gift of just $20 will pay for one student to attend an Equality Florida GSA Leadership institute.

Ending bullying has been our top priority for the past 13 years. We work side-by-side with local LGBT youth organizations and students doing heroic work to make their campuses safe. (Click here to visit our resource page with links to LGBT youth support organizations and a list of upcoming anti-bullying demonstrations).

In 2008 our 10 year effort to make schools safe resulted in the passage of Florida's anti bullying law, and we've kept fighting to ensure the law is implemented fairly. Today, as a direct result of Equality Florida's work, Florida protects 1.7 million students from bullying and harassment based on sexual orientation and 1.1 million students are also protected based on gender identity and expression.

With your support, we will keep fighting until every single LGBT student in Florida is safe from bullying and harassment.

But for a teenager afraid to go to school, next year is not soon enough. Please give just $20 to help us reach one more student today.


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