TAKE ACTION: Become a Virtual Lobbyist for Equality in Florida!

Unfortunately, the Transgender Discrimination Bill (HB 583) advanced through its second of three committees in the Florida House of Representatives today.

We are at a critical moment in the fight for full equality in Florida and need your help.

Dozens of pro-equality supporters are currently in the state capitol for our annual Lobby Days. Yesterday, they spoke to representatives and senators about important pieces of legislation Equality Florida is focused on this session, and this morning they bravely testified for two hours AGAINST the Transgender Discrimination Bill (HB 583).

Now, our citizen lobbyists need you to join the action! Become a virtual lobbyist - email your state representative and senator today about these bills that affect LGBT Floridians.

  • OPPOSE: Transgender Discrimination Bill (HB 583) Would criminalize transgender Floridians by making it illegal for them to enter sex-segregated facilities such as bathrooms, locker rooms, or dressing rooms. This shameful bill will require businesses to discriminate against their own employees and overrule local protections that transgender people in many parts of the state now enjoy.
  • SUPPORT: The Florida Competitive Workforce Act (HB 33/SB 156) This bi-partisan legislation promotes fairness and modernizes state law by banning anti-gay and gender-based discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations.
  • SUPPORT: Sexual Orientation Change Therapy Bill (HB 83/ SB 204) Would prohibit therapists from administering “ex-gay” therapy to minors.
  • SUPPORT: The Florida Families Act (HB 573/SB 854) Would create a statewide domestic partnership registry that would allow same-sex and opposite-sex partners to receive important legal protections.
  • SUPPORT: Same-Sex Marriage Ban REPEAL Bill (HB 4037/ SB 1428) Would "finish the job" of marriage equality in Florida by repealing the language in state statute that requires county clerks to issue marriage licenses only for opposite-sex couples.

Our citizen lobbyists are a big part of promoting Equality Florida’s legislative priorities. You can join us without ever leaving home by clicking here to contact your state lawmakers. It’s important for legislators to know pro-equality supporters around the state are watching what they do this session.


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