GSA Tools and Resources





GSAs (Gay-Straight Alliances or Gender & Sexuality Alliances) are a great tool to improve school culture and create spaces for LGBTQ+ youth to feel a part of the school. Equality Florida is dedicated to promoting safe schools by helping GSAs form and grow through peer support, leadership development, and student empowerment.

Equal Access Act

This law, passed in 1984 protects students’ right to form extracurricular clubs at any high school receiving federal funding. The Equal Access Act states that if a high school allows one non-curricular club, then it must allow any other non-curricular club to form, including your GSA.

Under this premise, schools must provide equal treatment and access to resources to all clubs. In other words, if one club is granted access to the PA system to make announcements, post flyers and posters in hallways or classrooms, or hold meetings during school hours, your school must allow your GSA to do the same. Furthermore, your school cannot require students to have parental permission to participate in your GSA if it is not required of all other clubs.

For tools and resources related to forming or supporting a GSA click the graphic below.