Supporting LGBTQ+ Students




Many youth struggle with navigating through school when there are no resources or tools in place for principals, counselors, teachers, or other members of the school community. Click on the image below to access the resources designed to support schools in implementing best practices for LGBTQ+ youth.




The Safe and Healthy Schools program is working to ensure proven best practices are implemented at a systemic level in every school district. The Safe Schools Index with Best Practices highlights the best practices that should be occurring in every school district. Equality Florida believes that if school districts implement all of these best practices, LGBTQ+ youth will no longer encounter the negative experiences outlined on the 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, thus allowing them to feel safe, stay in school, and ultimately graduate successfully.

Presently over 1/3 of school districts have implemented and rolled out a LGBTQ+ Critical Support Guide in 95% of Florida's middle and large-sized districts. This document ensures policies, programs and procedures are implemented in a systemic fashion within school districts. The implementation of an LGBTQ+ Critical Support Guide is located in our well respected EQFL Safe Schools Equality Index and Best Practices below.