Intern Testimonials

Fellow Testimonials

"This fellowship gave me the opportunity to gain more experience working in community advocacy and use my voice. I was able to learn what it really means to fight for the LGBTQ+ community. I talked to volunteers and people who are being affected by legislative session. This allowed me to connect them with opportunities to speak out and hear their stories. Overall, this fellowship showed me that I want to continue working in community advocacy and organizing. "

­- Olivia, Spring 2023 Field Fellow, University of Central Florida


"I am so proud to say that Equality Florida has taught me everything I know. Equality Florida has given me many firsts- my first time canvassing, my first time ever attending a Pride, and my first time bringing my advocacy to the Florida capitol. While Equality Florida has also given me many foundational skills, it has also allowed me to grow not only in knowledge but in character. The field team is supportive, vibrant, and an incredible launching pad for anyone who wishes to get into politics and policy. To say that I miss this work and this team is an absolute privilege, and I will cherish all the memories I've made with them."

­- Sylvia, Spring 2023 Field Fellow, Florida State University


“My fellowships at Equality Florida have been extremely enriching experiences that I am very grateful for. Not only have I grown professionally and delved into the world of political organizing and communications, I have also been welcomed into a team that is invested in my wellbeing and development.”

­- Estelle, Spring 2023 Communications Fellow, University of Florida 


“I learned so much about the issues facing the LGBT community today and a method of development that allows Equality Florida to raise funds in order to correct those issues. I enjoyed working with a passionate and engaged staff to fight for the rights of the LGBT community.”

- Carys, Spring 2023 Communications Fellow, Tampa Bay Area Activist


"My experience with Equality Florida exceeded any expectations I could have imagined by allowing me the opportunities to personally connect and fight with the LGBT community while still gaining valuable lessons to keep with me for future."

­- Emily, 2015 Field Intern, Piedmont College


“Interning as both the public policy and communications intern, you see how both fields work in unison to fight for equality and are catalysts for real social change. My time with Equality Florida was inspiring and truly humbling. To be able to work with another group of people who are just as driven and passionate about social justice as I am was invaluable.”

­- Lauren, 2014 Communications and Policy Intern, University of Florida.


“Interning with Equality Florida opened up a world of opportunity for me. During the few months I was able to work alongside the outstanding team, I learned skills that will benefit me regardless of the career path that I choose. This internship helps build vital strengths including organization, media usage and interpersonal skills that beat anything you could possibly learn in a classroom.”

­- Morgan, 2015 Media and Field Intern, University of North Florida


“The journey for equality is a long and hard one but working and being apart of the results is rewarding.”

­- Amanda, 2014 Field Intern, University of West Florida


"I would definitely recommend anyone who would like to gain a first­hand experience of nonprofit organizations to intern for Equality Florida; it is a great opportunity and the connections and friends I made along the way was priceless. The staff are very friendly, helpful, and positive and gave me all the support and advice I needed and being able to be a part of this movement and experience was a great honor and privilege.”

­- Gregory, 2014 Field and Development Intern, University of Central Florida