Intern Testimonials

"Lobby Days with Equality Florida was a transformational experience for me. I got the chance to play a direct role in pushing state senators and representatives for progressive policy in Tallahassee that had a direct impact on my life as a gay Floridian."

­- Carlos, 2011 Public Policy Intern and Organizer of Lobby Days, University of Central Florida


"My internship with Equality Florida was extremely rewarding. Of course, that can be expected; equality is a very worthy cause. However, I didn't realize at first how great an impact I could have as an intern. I was able to work personally with so many people and I knew I was making a difference. I wasn't filing, fetching coffee or contributing to other menial tasks. I was sharing people's stories and raising awareness. My work mattered."

­- Tierney, 2015 Florida Marriage Intern, University of South Florida


“Working for Equality Florida over the summer summer, I gained not only practical experience, but a unique insight into the battle for LGBT equality and the opportunity to meet and work beside inspiring, wonderful people.”

­- Simone, 2014 Legal Intern, University of Florida Levin College of Law


“I learned so much about the issues facing the LGBT community today and a method of development that allows Equality Florida to raise funds in order to correct those issues. I enjoyed working with a passionate and engaged staff to fight for the rights of the LGBT community.”

- Alex, 2015 Development Intern, Rollins College


"My experience with Equality Florida exceeded any expectations I could have imagined by allowing me the opportunities to personally connect and fight with the LGBT community while still gaining valuable lessons to keep with me for future."

­- Emily, 2015 Field Intern, Piedmont College


“Interning as both the public policy and communications intern, you see how both fields work in unison to fight for equality and are catalysts for real social change. My time with Equality Florida was inspiring and truly humbling. To be able to work with another group of people who are just as driven and passionate about social justice as I am was invaluable.”

­- Lauren, 2014 Communications and Policy Intern, University of Florida.


“Interning with Equality Florida opened up a world of opportunity for me. During the few months I was able to work alongside the outstanding team, I learned skills that will benefit me regardless of the career path that I choose. This internship helps build vital strengths including organization, media usage and interpersonal skills that beat anything you could possibly learn in a classroom.”

­- Morgan, 2015 Media and Field Intern, University of North Florida


“The journey for equality is a long and hard one but working and being apart of the results is rewarding.”

­- Amanda, 2014 Field Intern, University of West Florida


"I would definitely recommend anyone who would like to gain a first­hand experience of nonprofit organizations to intern for Equality Florida; it is a great opportunity and the connections and friends I made along the way was priceless. The staff are very friendly, helpful, and positive and gave me all the support and advice I needed and being able to be a part of this movement and experience was a great honor and privilege.”

­- Gregory, 2014 Field and Development Intern, University of Central Florida


“Interning for Equality Florida changed the entire trajectory for my career. I finally found a combination of both my interests: social justice and policy. With days full of learning from my boss and a ton of opportunities for professional development, I can’t imagine a more important semester in my college career than interning for Equality Florida.”

­- Amber, 2013 Public Policy Intern, University of Florida