Internship FAQs

Where are your internships located?

Internships are available statewide. 

What is the timeline for the internship program?

Each intern will complete 15-20 hours a week. 

Are your internships paid?

Some Equality Florida departments offer limited paid internship opportunities, while all departments offer unpaid internship opportunities. School credit is available.

Will I be offered a job after my internship?

Interns at Equality Florida are encouraged to apply for full-time jobs as they become available, and many of our staff members are former interns. Our internship program, however, does not in any way guarantee employment after the completion of an intern's time.

What materials do I need to complete an internship?

Interns must have a laptop, phone, and transportation to and from their local office.

What will I gain from an internship with Equality Florida?

Interns at Equality Florida will receive the unique opportunity to contribute to statewide LGBTQ equality. Our interns gain valuable insight into local and state politics, knowledge of Florida public policy and current events, and the skills to organize effectively.



Am I qualified for a Equality Florida internship?

Interns in each department or program undertake different tasks, so each internship requires a different level of skills, demonstrated interests and prior experience. The internship description for each program area lists the specific qualifications for that position.

Are only students eligible to apply?

We have tailored our internship program to undertake undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates who have graduated within the last year.



To whom should I address my resume and cover letter?

All interns must submit the Internship Application and upload their resume and cover letter through our website:

How do I write a cover letter and a resume?

For our cover letter, write your responses in the form of a letter. Be sure to include why you are applying and how your participation in the internship program relates to your overall academic and career goals. Be sure to keep the letter to one page. For your resume, be sure to include your work experience, academic experience, and applicable skills.



"I would definitely recommend anyone who would like to gain a first­hand experience of nonprofit organizations to intern for Equality Florida; it is a great opportunity and the connections and friends I made along the way was priceless. The staff are very friendly, helpful, and positive and gave me all the support and advice I needed and being able to be a part of this movement and experience was a great honor and privilege.”

- Gregory, 2014 Field and Development Intern, University of Central Florida