The Legal Handbook for LGBT Floridians and Their Families

We're excited to be able to provide you with a free copy of The Legal Handbook for LGBT Floridians and Their Families an amazing resource we've created in partnership with Carlton Fields, one of Florida's premier law firms. 

This handy reference is full of helpful information and pointers on the very best ways lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Floridians can legally protect themselves and their families. In fact, many of our unmarried straight allies will also find it a valuable resource. 

Because this information is so important to protecting you and your family, we're providing a link so all of our members and their friends can download a free electronic version of The Legal Handbook for LGBT Floridians and Their Families today. 

Click here to get your copy now.

As a special "Thank You" to our supporters, we also have a very limited number of full-color printed and bound handbooks available to members who contribute $100 or more in the next three days. Click here to receive your legal handbook in the mail. 

This 55 page book includes information about the importance of estate planning and why taking steps to protect yourself is so critical, especially for LGBT Floridians. You'll also learn about many other legal issues, including the current state of LGBT adoption in Florida and what your legal rights are. Finally, we provide you sample forms that you can use to get started protecting your family today. 

Our members and volunteers are the heart and soul of Equality Florida and we're glad to have an opportunity to partner with Carlton Fields to provide you with this valuable resource.