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Equality Florida To Honor Jazz Jennings, 14 Year-Old Transgender Advocate!


Equality Florida Broward Gala: Sunday, November 16

Equality meeting hosted Thursday

Release Date: 
October 15, 2014

Supporters of LGBT equality will have an opportunity to meet and mingle with representatives of the civil rights organization Equality Florida next week at the Venice Theatre.

Equality Florida, which bills itself as "the largest civil rights organization in Florida dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity," will host its first Equality Connection in Southwest Florida at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

Orange commissioners back legal battle in favor of same-sex marriage

Release Date: 
October 14, 2014

Written by: David Breen

After an emotional hearing, Orange County commissioners voted Tuesday to support the legal battle on behalf of gay couples seeking marital rights in Florida.

Commissioners voted 5-2 to join friend-of-the-court or "amicus" briefs calling on judges to overturn Florida's ban on same-sex marriage. In so doing, the county joins the city of Orlando and other governments across the state, including Broward and Alachua counties and the cities of Miami Beach, Tampa and St. Petersburg.

A Tidal Wave Of Change In Hillsborough County!

Over the last two weeks, the Hillsborough County Commission passed two important policies that will make Hillsborough a more fair place to live, work and visit for LGBT people and our families.

'Flashpoint' discusses Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage

Release Date: 
October 13, 2014

Equality Florida's Michael Farmer discusses the U.S. Supreme Courts decision not to take up marriage case and let lower court rulings stand bringing the freedom to marry to over 11 new states.

To watch the full interview, click here. 

BREAKING: Attorney General Bondi Asks FL Supreme Court To Hear Marriage Case

On October 13, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who has been criticized from every corner of the state, filed a Supplemental Response In Support Of Pass-Through Certification,  asking the Third District Court of Appeal to “pass through” jurisdiction and allow two same-sex marriage cases to be heard by the Florida Supreme Court. 

Florida Recognizes Deceased Woman's Same-Sex Marriage

Release Date: 
October 8, 2014

Written by: Jonathan Kendall

In August, U.S. District Court Judge Robert Hinkle ruled on Grimsley and Albu v. Scott that Florida's ban on marriage for same-sex couples was unconstitutional and, despite a stay on his ruling, ordered the State of Florida to issue a new death certificate for Carol Goldwasser, naming Arlene Goldberg, her partner of 47 years, as her wife.

Same-Sex Couple Send Rick Scott Heartfelt Letter Pleading to Hear Their Story

Release Date: 
October 10, 2014

Written by: Chris Joseph 

With same-sex marriage on the brink of being legalized in Florida or getting forever mired in litigation, advocates and gay rights groups have been using news releases and the media to call on Gov. Rick Scott to lift the ban.

Come Out With Pride 2014: Marriage equality in the Florida courts

Release Date: 
October 8, 2014

Written by: Erin Sullivan

Here’s the good news: The multitude of legal rulings in Florida courts declaring the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage, well, unconstitutional has made it clear that the tide is finally turning in favor of marriage equality.

Thousands Celebrate Diversity at River City Pride Festival

Release Date: 
October 5, 2014

Written by: Teresa Stepzinski

Picture-perfect fall weather along with good food and fun drew thousands to the 2014 River City Pride Festival incelebration of diversity Sunday.