Lake County Students Deserve Fully Inclusive Protections

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, (August 24, 2011)


Michael Farmer, School Safety / GSA Coordinator, (407) 462-9692


Equality Florida released the following statement, by Communications Director Brian Winfield, regarding a Lake County School Teacher publicly posting homophobic comments on Facebook:


“The Lake County School District’s primary responsibilities are to educate and protect students. The homophobic public comments by Jerry Buell, a classroom teacher who sits in a position of power over students, raise serious concerns as to his ability to treat all students with dignity and respect. Equality Florida supports a thorough investigation that should include a review of whether such strongly held attitudes have translated into anti-gay discrimination in the classroom.


This teacher has risked harming all students at Mount Dora High School by publicly posting anti-gay comments attributed to him and easily shared with millions on a social network. His actions help to create an environment of disrespect and intolerance at school.


Nearly 60% of Florida's students live in school districts that provide specific protections from anti-gay bullying and discrimination. Lake County students deserve these protections and the district should immediately begin the process of adding sexual orientation and gender identity to their anti-bullying and non-discrimination policies.”




Equality Florida is the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.



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