Equality Florida Action PAC Calls Out Anti-Gay Senate Candidate

Endorses Maria Sachs Over “Architect of Extreme Rar-Right Agenda”  

Maria Sachs (photo)
(FT. LAUDERDALE) In a race that pits a pro-equality champion against a far-right extremist , Equality Florida Action PAC has endorsed Maria Sachs for Senate District 34.

Democrat Maria Sachs’ opponent, Republican Ellyn Bogdanoff ,has been one of the chief architects of the far-right extremist agenda in Tallahassee, a fact she works to hide back in the home district, said Mallory Wells, chairperson for Equality Florida Action PAC.

“Maria Sachs is a true advocate for equality while her opponent is trying to hide her far right skeletons from the people in the district,” said Wells. “Equality Florida Action PAC is proud to endorse Maria Sachs for State Senate and we are appalled at the dishonesty that is at the core of her opponent’s campaign.”

The district covers parts of Palm Beach and Broward counties and is one of the most hotly contested state legislative races of 2012.  

While in the House, Sachs voted to strengthen anti-bully protections for K-12 students by ensuring all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, were protected under the law. Sachs also co-sponsored legislation to provide statewide employment non-discrimination protections and a statewide domestic partnership policy.

In contrast, Sachs’ opponent has has never co-sponsored or taken a public position on any of the pro-equality issues in Tallahassee. In her district she claims to be a moderate, but in Tallahassee she consistently sides with the far-right legislators who vote to limit women’s rights and b]has actively opposed the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity in any legislation in Tallahassee.

With bipartisan support in 2007 Equality Florida  succeeding in blocking Bogdanoff’s attempt to repeal all local anti-bullying protections that specifically included gay students.

Bogdanoff has been called out by newspapers for hiding her conservative record in a district know for more progressive values.

Equality Florida is the largest civil rights organization dedicated to securing full equality for Florida's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.


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