Donn Smith - Gainesville

Donn Smith - Gainesville,

Donn Smith-Lopez is a Gainesville-area native who returned to Florida after living for many years in San Francisco. His family is very active in the United Church of Gainesville (2015 Voice for Equality Award winner) which promotes an inclusive spiritual sanctuary for LGBTQ+ individuals by advocating for civil rights equality and the full inclusion of all people in society. Donn has served on the City of Gainesville Human Rights Board, Human Rights Council of North Central Florida Board and on local LGBTQ+ civil rights task-forces including, most recently, the ban on conversion therapy in Gainesville and Alachua County. In addition, he has co-chaired the EQFL Greater Gainesville Gala and served on its Steering and Host Committees.

Professionally, Donn has many years of experience in healthcare administration including private medical practices, Stanford University Medical Center and, currently, at UF Health-Shands Hospital. He also enjoys his part-time work as a medical coding instructor for adult learners. Donn has a Bachelor of Health Services Administration from Florida International University in Miami.

Donn and his husband, Dr. Melvin Smith-Lopez, are the parents of two happy toddlers. They are actively involved with their friends and large family and in social justice and diversity issues within their community. They enjoy traveling, particularly within Florida.